Unique Musical Experiences

Yoonie Han

Yoonie Han plays Chaconne in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach (1723) and transcribed by Ferruccio Busoni (1893) during the 2011 Fulbright Concerto Competition at the Walton Arts Center. Han went on to win both First Prize and the Audience Prize at this competition, out of 150 entrants from 38 countries.

Han is the 2008 World Piano Competition Gold medalist, 2008 Juilliard Gina Bachauer Piano Competition 1st Prize winner, 2009 Gawon International Music Society Award winner, 2010 London Keyboard Trust Career Development Prize winner, 2011 Fulbright Concerto Competition winner, and 2011 Washington DC International Competition Gold medalist.

Yoonie Han

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Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens

 German TV’s comedy host Rudi Carell sings “Temptation”

– the temptation to quit and just roll on the floor laughing.
Accompanied by The NitWits.

Rudy Carrell, German TV Showmaster

 Marimba Ponies- Comedian’s Gallop

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