Websites and Downloads for Computers and Smartphones

Items shown in ITALICS may have been moved or discontinued. Discover personal; stories on this social network. surf videos randomly or check popular clips on YouTube. This site plays an uninterrupted stream of music from independent artists. This educational service partners with colleges and universities to offer dozens of free courses. Upload photos and videos, add words and music- Animoto’s video engine will produce a high-def video that can be embedded into a blog or Facebook page. Visit free FontStruct and you can design your own type fonts. ‘Scan files to check for viruses. This program can scan any file up to 25MB. This is perfect for people who want to liven up their photos. ‘Lets you separate image layers, add filters, effects and use tools to edit photos. Offers presentation software such as PowerPoint without having Microsoft Office on a computer.

PrintWhatYouLike: Turns every element of a webpage into an editable document. Media becomes free each day due to expiring copyrights. You can have the best items delivered to your inbox every two weeks. You can reset the router’s admin password to its default state by entering the router’s brand and model number. The service will display the router’s factory default login information. Enter a special number and have any phone call go straight to voicemail instead of having the person answer. Dial 267-759-3425 and enter the number. Slydial offers mobile apps for Android, blackberry, iOS, and windows Mobile smartphones. A go-to source for basic facts that are hard to find on Google, such as the date in 180 days, or the population of Chicago. This tool can analyze your Facebook presence and deliver fascinating information about it. Go to and download the ebook that defines how to ‘Crush Competitors’ on social media in 30 days or less.

GENCO: GENCO marketplace is one of America’s largest merchandise liquidators. Download a web design checkup and request a custom proposal. Speed up websites by eliminating un-needed HTTP.

Qualys Browser Check: is a free service that scans browsers to see if old or insecure versions of plug-ins or add-ons are being run. It checks programs such as, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, and Windows Media player.

Secunia Personal Software inspector (PSI): is a free download that scans personal PCs for vulnerabilities.

Safer Medications: Look up medications and find the proper use, possible drug side effects or interaction for prescription medicine and over the counter meds.

Telemarketing Self-defense: ‘Sign up to be put on the national ‘do not call’ registry. Both landlines and cell phones can be registered.

Free on-line gardening videos: ‘Your ‘How To’ site for every day gardening like planting, weeding and pruning.

Free Internet Radio: Includes more than 6,000 stations. Choose by category.

Back-up Gmail files: A free program that will separate and save messages as .eml files.

Streaming Videos: 2 free downloads or Both can capture streams that other programs such as Vimeo can’t.

Credit Card Monitor: will monitor up to three credit cards for free or up to 10 for a yearly fee.

Password Organizer: Simplifies remembering user names and passwords. RoboForm will save user names and passwords and create a link to the site.

Virus Protection for Smartphones:’,free Free anti-virus protection for smartphones.’ Kaspersky and BullGuard Mobile offer anti-virus protection for smartphones but there is a charge for these.

Internet Speed: To determine the actual speed of your internet. See if your internet speed is actually what you are paying for.

Portable Apps for a ‘Flash Drive’:

  • Install Portable apps on your USB drive =‘ A free source platform for installing desktop applications on a USB drive.
  • Chrome Portable = A great app to add since Web browsers are one of the most likely components to be out of commission or compromised.
  • Spybot Search = If a PC is running slow because of malware- Spybot Search and Destroy is one of the oldest and best spyware removal suites.

Free from PC World:

    • LogMeIn= access a computer remotely to troubleshoot or find files.
    • Ghostery= browser add-on that alerts you if the site you are on is being tracked.
    • CrashPlan= backup utility with limited features.(Need more info)
    • AnyMeeting= allows you to conduct webinars.
    • Googlepresentationapp= lets you create a slideshow
    • YouSnedItLite= send files up to 50MB, that’s twice as big as Gmail’s file size limit.
    • Open-Label= mobile app that allows you to scan a bar code of a product and view customer reviews for the product.
    • DashLane Personal Assistant= desktop application that stores personal information that is automatically entered when you check-out.
    • HootSuite = a Web app that manages Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn and Google+ all in one spot.
  • (Use Caution)
    • Waze= mobile app that will help you avoid traffic jams. Users can report law enforcement sightings, accidents and ‘ping’ to pin point your location.
    • WeatherBug= mobile app that gives standard weather
    • Zite= mobile app for news and articles based on what you have chosen through a Twitter account.
    • The Eatery= mobile app that allows you to take pictures of your food and rate the healthfulness of the meal.
    • Crackle= free movies (similar to Netflix)
    • Cinemagram= iOS app that turns photos into animated .gif files that can be shared on social networks.
    • Google Music= a free music player where you can upload 20,000 songs to a free cloud storage locker linked to your Google account.
    • Planetarium= available as a website or an app on the Google Chrome browser. Set your location and you can see constellations above you at any time.
    • Hotspotr= a web tool that can locate Wi-Fi in public places all across the United States.
    • Foursquare= Android, Blackberry, and iOs app that lets you search by keyword for areas around a city- it lets you see what locals and visitors like.
  • Free antivirus protection
    • AVG Anti-Virus Free edition 2012 (
    • AvastFree Antivirus 7 (
    • Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 (
    • Avira Free antivirus 2012 (
    • Microsoft Security Essentials 2.1 (
    • PC Tools AntiVirus Free 2012 (
    • Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.9 (find.pcworld,com/72884)

Google + Hangouts

(Android app) Facebook Home= shows status updates and photos on your lock screen. The Home also includes a feature called Chat Heads which shows incoming texts and messages.

(Android and iPhone app) Snapchat= For people who don’t do social networking, this app lets people send texts and messages that will disappear after a set amount of time. Facebook offers a similar app for iPhones only called Poke.

(Apps for Android, iOS, Windows phones, with a Blackberry 10 app on the way) Viber= a free alternative to traditional text messaging and voice calls.

Video Chat

(Website) Google+Hangouts=’ unlike Skype, this website offers group chat for free.

Social Media

(Website) Imo= free chat on AIM, Facebook, Google+, Yahoo and more. Imo offers linking multiple accounts together with a single sign-in feature. Sign-in one time and you are in all the accounts. This website also offers audio messaging, file transfers and chat history.

‘(Android and iOS app) Hootsuite= multi-network users app to keep an eye on Facebook, FourSquare, linkedIn, Twitter, and more simultaneously.

(Website) ThisLife= a service that lets you combine photos from multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , and more- along with photos from your desktop. Once files are stored you can search and edit. This is free for the first 1,000 photos.

(Website) create a central hub for online profiles. Profiles can be biographies, contact information and links to pages of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Computer Accessories

(free tool)Soluto= For Windows, a remote maintenance utility that lets you analyze PC crashes and boot times, update add-ons, and install utilities.

(free tool) Chrome Remote Desktop=’ add-on for ‘Chrome’ browser that grants you access to another PC for free. The person who owns the remote PC has to authorize your access every few minutes.

(Windows built-in VPN tool) CamStudio= create screencast tutorials that can be put on your own site or uploaded to video services such as Vimeo and YouTube.

(free tool) Evernote= If you juggle multiple projects and need one place to keep thing organized. Manage notes, images, to-do lists, and audio recordings in a searchable and sharable file.

(free movies) Crackle= Movies and concert flicks.

(educational films) DocumentaryStorm= educational films for deep thinkers.

(free movies) Hulu= vast catalog and next day publication of many new TV episodes.

(free music) Spotify= on-demand songs

(media playing software) VLC media player= works as a cross-platform and lets you play most video files without having to install codec packs or additional software.

(disc converter) HandBrake= is an app that will convert DVDs and Blu-ray discs to digital formats that will work with your existing software. It can also convert into MP4 or MKV files.

(free music) Google Music= online music store similar to iTunes, but with a few freebie perks.

(musical instrument fun) Jam with Chrome= a selection of 19 instruments that you can browse through. Instruments range from acoustical and bass guitars to drum kits and keyboards. Once you begin jamming you can switch between instruments and invite up to 3 friends to join your session. Think of it as a virtual garage for practicing with your band!

(alternative to Microsoft Office) LibreOffice= free alternative featuring components for word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows, databases, mathematical equations, and reasonably complex 3-D renderings and diagrams.

(alternative to PowerPoint) Prezi= mixes a slideshow with a virtual whiteboard, and spices things up with eye-catching aesthetics. The result is a zoomable, interactive presentation.

(Smartphone app) CoBook= An iPhone app that lets you keep all your contacts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in one place.

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