Developing Rhythmic Sensitivity is a comprehensive textbook and 2+ hours DVD lecture-demonstration of the concepts and rhythmic exercises necessary to accurately perform, teach, conduct and notate rhythmic patterns.

The textbook and DVD are the result of Mr. Bell successfully teaching the course, Developing Rhythmic Sensitivity, at Georgia State University for more than 20 years.

This unique, innovative, one-of-a-kind DVD presentation is an invaluable resource for anyone teaching or promoting a study of rhythmic principles in their school or studio curriculum.

Topics Include:

  • Concepts of Sound and Time
  • Understanding Meter, Pace, and Accents
  • Conducting in Relation to Meter signatures
  • Performing Jazz and Counter Rhythms
  • Hundreds of Rhythmic Exercises

Purchase of the book includes a detailed DVD lecture guide.

The content of the DVD. co-authored professionally by Howard Davis, is identical to the textbook lecture content.

Developing Rhythmic Sensitivity is beneficial to any student in any area of music, middle school through college. The book and DVD are an essential addition to any music curriculum.


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Developing Rhythmic Sensitivity textbook by Jack Bell




What’s in the course?  
View the outline of the course taught by Jack Bell at GSU.




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Harold Firestone’s book
Rudimental Swing Drumming

This is a very rare item, available in limited quantities.

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