New Life as a University Student

This  story is important to me because it shows the power of negotiation and persistence. I was told the university was “closed out” for this semester. After hearing that I went to the university and showed the students working in both the admissions office and the registrars office – the response email I had received from the head of the English department and his discussion with the advisor in the admissions office. Those were my key negotiating tools. After two hours of talking with various people from both apartments – I prefer to call it negotiating, the head of the registrar’s office came out to me and said “Mr. Bell, we have decided we can work with you this semester”.

When you get a statement like that you know you are in, however, it was Tuesday afternoon and drop add day was Friday! I still had to get my 50+ year old transcript from Overlin college and I was supposed to retrieve my immunization records from when I was three years old! My attitude sunk very low for only a moment or two. I was so hyper that I grabbed up all of my current materials set up an office on the big chair outside of the two offices and I got on my cell phone for over an hour. At the end of the hour, I had made arrangements for overnight, expensive delivery actually two day delivery of my transcripts to my house and I had contacted my primary physician to determine that I could take a blood test right away to see which childhood diseases I still needed to be immunized against.

My transcripts arrived on Thursday afternoon so I was able to get them to the University on Friday which was the last day possible to drop ad. I had made friends with very intelligent and efficient student working the front desk at the registrar’s office. At this point in my application, it was clear that the registrars office is far more important then the admissions office. There were three young men waiting outside the office when I got there again so I asked them why they were waiting. One replied”She’s on the phone”. I said “oh” and went right on in very quietly. I smiled at her and she smiled back and waited for her to finish her phone call. When she finished she not only completed my entire registration process but she help me find my class online and registered me for the course including room number and course time with printouts. I could see by the faces of the young students in the hall that they had just received another of life’s endless lessons.

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