Your Life and Career as a Musician

Music is a beautiful art form but a very difficult profession for many musicians. The artist inside of you often must struggle to become a capitalist to survive. Where are you in this lifelong process? Interested? Committed? Frustrated? In Doubt? Sorry! How are you going to survive your career in music as a successful musician and business person? Listen to me: No musician with talent, flexibility,… Continue reading

Learning to be Creative

Learning to be creative : The process of learning is a creative process In the next few moments, I will try to rekindle you – by attempting to help you understand a little more about yourself and how to learn creatively. Had I studied the topics of Learning and Creativity extensively before presenting this lecture, you would be offered many sophisticated definitions and interpretations. However,… Continue reading

Music: Present and Future

After 20 years at the University, I finally reached the level of associate professor and was beginning to think toward the future rather than just living in the present. This is a document that I wrote while on a tour of Europe with the orchestra. In 1988 I fully realized what a wondrous series of events had been occurring in my percussion division at Georgia… Continue reading

Thoughts on Leadership

My experiences as a working musician, college professor and business entrepreneur have taught me the importance of leadership. Leadership is influence. Leadership is the ability to obtain followers. Nothing more, nothing less. If you think you are leading and no one is following you, all you are doing is taking a walk. People seldom follow you because of your title. They follow you because they… Continue reading